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Red Archer - Towerfall

Placed Second in the Cartoon Category for the "CGTrader Awards 2017"

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Enigmatic Studios

Loki - A Tale of Three                       Position: Character & Creature Artist                  September 2015 - On Going

     -   Various character and creature models. 


2012 - 2015, Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University

Bachelor of Science with Honours - Second Division With Honours


Areas of study:

3D Modelling Basic


Games Development

Shaders and Hard Surface Modelling

Character Creation

Creature Creation

Advanced 3D Modelling (Character)

Final Year Piece(Character)


2010 - 2012, Games Development at West Cheshire College - Destinction


Areas of Study:

3D Modelling - Basic props and familiararity with softwares

Level Design

Story Creation and Development

History of The Game Industry

Character Animation

L.O.D Study



Red Archer - Towerfall
Second in the Cartoon Category for the "CGTrader Awards 2017"




  -   3D Studio Max            
  -   ZBrush                
  -   Photoshop            
  -   Substance Painter (Novice)
  -   Marvelous Designer


Additional Skills:
-  Level, asset block out 
-  High & Low poly modelling                             
-  Retopping(3DSMax)                                                         
-  Unwrapping 3D assets        

-  Hard Surface Modelling

-  Organic Modelling                                                                 
-  Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Alpha, AO, SSS, Metal Maps                                     
-  Implementing assets into Unreal Engine 3/4   


Professional Skills:
-  Self Motivated
-  Good Communication
-  Problem Solving       
-  Time Management       

-  Working to a Brief

Contact Details

E-mail: keiran2008@hotmail.co.uk





Mobile No: 07804629155



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